Central European Sighthound show. A new competition for sighthound lovers!

      After the example of the Eurosighthound show that became very popular through Europe, here comes a new competition, the Central European Sighthound Show! Created for the Central European countries in order to increase the popularity of sigthounds in this region.

      A new Association of breeders clubs has been established. Composed by 5 Central European countries: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Austria. These countries are represented by their respective breeders clubs with all the sighthound breeds including the breeds that were moved to FCI group V (Pharaoh hound, Podencos and Cirneco dell´ Etna).

      The first unofficial show was organised by our club SKCHCH in 2010 in the gardens of the mansion Topolčianky. We found a great interest in this event. That is why we came with the idea of creating this new show. The foundation meeting was held in August where we agreed on all terms and conditions about the organisation of this show.

      I am very glad that there was a clear interest of the sighthound kennel clubs of all participating countries. The foundation meeting was attended also by the Chairman of the ČMKU Mr. Široký and the president of the Slovak Kennel Club Mr. Štefík who was representing the FCI, which added even more seriousness to this event.  I wish a lot of success to the Central European show, a lot of registered dogs as well as the fulfilment of the purpose of the organization of this exhibition.

Vlastislav Vojtek
President of the Association

Members of the Association:


Slovenský klub chovateľov chrtov, SK


Klub chovatelů chrtů, Praha, CZ


Klub charta v Polsce, Czestochowa, PL




Magyar Agarász Egylet, H


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